Implementing Hints

Hi, everyone.

Does someone know of an online tutorial where I can implement hints on my site easily?

I use the PaperMod theme. I’m having a hard time implementing hints on my site using this tutorial: Hugo Hint/Quote shortcode | Nelis Oostens

In this tutorial, I cannot get results. What I’ve done:

  1. Copied and pasted the shortcode into /layouts/shortcodes/hint.html
  2. Copied and pasted the css into /assets/css/extended/custom.css with blockquote.class and changed the color variables

Doing all of the above gets me the formatting, but not the colors.

Any ideas?

Impossible without you showing your code, even better: a link to your repo.

But did you look at your site in the developer tools of your browser? That should tell you why your colors are not applied.

I’m using this shortcode for a similar purpose: Hugo: insert customized text blocks with a Shortcode |
(Note that the step 1. of the installation instructions is enough)

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Awesome. An easier solution here for some reason. Worked like a charm. Thank you.

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I see you’re using PaperMod… any idea how/if these colors (font colors in the box.html) can be changed when switching between light/dark mode?

No I didn’t find a way to support dark mode, especially because I want this shortcode collection to be compatible with any Hugo theme, which have different ways to implement dark modes.

Please let me know if you find a solution

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