Image fails to render in About widget (Academia theme)

I am using the Academic theme to run my site:

I want to include a summary image in the Biography section (About widget). I use the following MarkDown text to do the same after placing the image at the correct address.

![phage-bacteria, microscopy, tracking](/static/media/phage_bac.jpg)

The image did show up for a few minutes on the website, but then whenever I visit after that short while (tried with different devices so cache is not an issue), the image does not render and only the alt text is displayed.

The image shows up perfectly in the GitHub rendering of

Is there an option that I need to enable/disable in the About widget to replicate this on the actual website? Or could this be an issue with the Netlify integration?


When you place a file in the static directory, it is copied to the root of your site when you build your site. It is not copied to a static directory. See:

Change your markdown from:

![phage-bacteria, microscopy, tracking](/static/media/phage_bac.jpg)


![phage-bacteria, microscopy, tracking](/media/phage_bac.jpg)

Just tried that. No change on the website rendering.
Github’s .md-reader display does not render the image anymore, just shows the alt text.

Thanks for looking into this, and looking forward to any further insight!

That is expected. Think about it.

This is what I’m seeing now:

I see it now too.
Hope this is a permanent fix, I was seeing the same thing for a while yesterday too, but then the image had disappeared in an hour. I will reply to this thread again if that unexpectedly happens.

Thanks and cheers!

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