I need help adding a hamburger menu to casper theme

Hi, im trying to add a hamburger menu to the casper theme, and i dont know how to do that, this is the repo for the theme GitHub - eueung/hugo-casper-two: Port of Casper 2.x to Hugo, i tried using ai help but the burger icon is visible but nothing happen when i click on it

test link https://qalabi.netlify.app/


This sounds like a css and js, and not a Hugo, question. There are many places that discuss css and js, here we try to limit the discussions to Hugo itself.

For a mobile menu you will need some HTML and CSS, most likely a bit of javascript as well.

When you have a menu that works the way you want and you have issues implementing it in your Hugo theme, then this is the right forum.

P.S. Remember then to post a link to your repo and your site. Without the code, any person helping you can just guess and that is not so efficient.