Hugo Workflow with Atom

I never stop trying to improve my Hugo workflow. So I’m going to post a list of packages, that I use to manage my Hugo projects in Atom.

  1. Markdown Preview Plus
    Key features: Dual pane Markdown preview with live reload and it can work with Pandoc

  2. Markdown Scroll Sync
    Does what is says, but it’s a bit off when it comes to images.

3. Atom-Hugo
The key feature for me is that this package initializes hugo server from within Atom at localhost:2897. (I had no luck with hugofy that is mentioned in the Hugo Docs, I was never able to initialize the server). However the Atom-Hugo package does not show a notification or open a browser window when the server is initialized neither does its command to kill the server work. I’ve opened a Github issue about these bugs here

4. Browser Plus
A full browser right inside Atom. I’ve made localhost:2897 the homepage and assigned F1 as a keyboard shortcut.

So that’s already a pretty smooth workflow for Hugo project management in Atom with just 4 packages.

Edit content with preview > Hugo Server > View in browser

All of this without ever leaving the Atom window. I’m really impressed.

TO DO: Experiment with Termrk a sliding terminal for Atom that supports many terminal sessions

So if you use Atom and have any tips or packages that help you manage your Hugo projects please share.


Forget about Atom Browser Plus. It’s ok but I cannot live without right-click.
Also Atom-Hugo is ok, but having to kill the server manually is boring.

So I found and installed the Atom package Process-Palette to execute shell commands and it is AMAZING. Now I can open a new browser window and initiate hugo server at port 1313 from within Atom and when done simply kill the server through the terminal.

I’m very pleased. :sunglasses:


Do you know

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Yes. But I haven’t tried it.

I use language-hugo, language-markdown and pandoc-convert.

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I use neither Atom nor pandoc, but I noticed that the support for pandoc as external renderer for Hugo got added few hours ago to the master branch.

I love pandoc. But I do not think that an external rendering will be acceptable for large sites, most likely it will work very slowly.

Ah! I just found and tested the amazing markdown-writer and tool-bar-markdown-writer packages for Atom.

You can read more about Atom MD Writer here

A full writer UI!
Button to toggle markdown-preview.
Button to insert image.
Go to next/previous heading.
Can manage archetypes.
Can manage tags and categories from a JSON.

Now Atom feels like the real Static Site CMS that I’ve been looking for all these months!

Best Hugo project management experience I’ve seen, compared even to paid solutions. And all of this locally. When finished editing content it’s a simple git-push to publish.

I highly recommend Atom Markdown Writer!

PS. I feel like it’s time to start blogging/writing again.

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Thanks to Bud this glorious package now works even better. I couldn’t imagine living without it.

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