Hugo Site with SSI / How to use "hugo server"

I want to build a website with server side includes served by Apache.

We will include CSS, JS, top navigation and footer with SSI. All these parts are used across the organization by other websites.

On my local machine I would like to use a pure hugo setup to make use of “hugo server -w” for agile development.

Any ideas how to achieve this.

Not possible (I think …), but I’m not sure why you want to do that. Have a look at block templates and partials.

I want to do this, because the hugo website is on of a bunch of websites that shall use the same top and footer navigation and the same css and js. The other websites are served by wiki and cms systems.

OK, but as Apache SSI needs … Apache to work, you can add the includes, but they will not show until you push your site to a Apache server. So I would find a way to pull those SSIs in as partials via a script of whatever.

But if you render to disk, you should be able to use hugo server in combination with Apache, I guess.

As everything is done in baseof.html. Is it possible to make Hugo use another file as mother of all blocks?

You can have several baseof.html files, but the name is fixed.