Hugo quits with error if .svn sub dirs are present (subversion)

After adding my hugo content files and data files to subversion repository, I can not run further HUGO without error.
The path “.svn” with is used by subversion does lead to errors, and hugo.exe stops execution on windows (during copiing files from public folders):

see the output of command prompt:

T:\hugo\0.19\hugo.exe -v --uglyURLs
INFO 2017/03/07 18:03:55 Using config file:
INFO 2017/03/07 18:03:55 using a UnionFS for static directory comprised of:
INFO 2017/03/07 18:03:55 syncing static files to Y:\XXX\public
Error: Error copying static files to Y:\XXX\public: open Y:\XXX\public.svn\entries: access denied

Has anybody an idea what I can do?

BR, Axel

Read how to use the config file
ignoreFiles = [ “\\.svn$” ]

The ignoreFiles paramter does not work, seems that I can only specify filenames not complete paths.
I have tryed your proposed regex exporession, but the copying to public stops on the same copy step - maybe the ignoreFiles parameter has no effect on the sync process to the PUBLIC directory.

In the meantime I have found that the reason for my problem is a security issue, since the executing user has not the correct permissions for all “,svn” path. I have to check this, then all should run fine again, I think.

Thank you much for your help