Hugo new theme should generate enough default templating to render basic content


User Acceptance Testing for software is a necessary part of the development process, and you learned what has been stated in this forum many times, Hugo has an issue with the quick start.

My recommendation would be to create zip or tar files of a working environment including the Hugo executable and Theme for each platform. The theme used should be basic and allow simple Hugo concepts to be explored. The content inside the Theme should be relevant to Hugo such as how to’s and helper pages.

I would Update the Official Hugo Quick Start Documentation with a link to the download page.

A good Theme candidate in my opinion would be:


Ok, interesting. In my opinion a step too far. Downloading from another source than, installing themes and exploring the concepts are already a step more than needed. And actually part of the docs.

I have a much more simpler bare bones quick start in mind. Basically the first few lines of the documentation “above the fold”.