Hugo extended doesn't work in Debian 8 (jessie/oldstable)


I have hugo 46 extended installed on fedora 29 and debian 8. When I run hugo server on fedora everything is fine. When I run it in Debian, css file is just empty :frowning:

The code which is responsible for generating css:

Any dependencies I’m missing here? :confused:

I’d double check your Hugo version in Debian. Sure it’s extended?

Yes it is! Initially I tried the regular one but it showed an error message. I have switched to Hugo extended 0.46 and 0.49 with the same result in both (empty style file)

I have also ran hugo server in debug mode. No errors observed :frowning:

How did you install Hugo in Debian? There appears to be some issues with the latest release, but I wouldn’t know any Debian-specific issues. What’s the output of hugo version?

I have just extracted compiled binary from the github release page. hugo version output:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.46/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-08-01T09:11:41Z

I have just build hugo from source, same result:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.50-DEV-FB732D5/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-09-28T09:20:53Z

Looks like the problem is in gcc package. :confused: If I install it on version gcc-5 from the unstable repository, all css files are empty (even the one without processing)

I updated the title of the thread, to grab the attention of folks maintaining the packages. I don’t have a Debian machine, so I can’t test this.

Thanks maiki! So to be more specific, it affects also the regular version. If gcc-5 is installed in Debian 8, both regular and extended versions are not able to generate(inject) css files.

I am unsure how it works, but my understanding is the non-extended version doesn’t operate on the CSS that way. Hopefully someone in the know will come along.

Hi @Yauhen_Shulitski,

Thank you for your report. So, if I understand correctly what you are saying, you are experiencing this problem on Debian 8 jessie (originally released in April 2015), currently known as “oldstable”, superseded by Debian 9 “stretch” the current “stable” (though Debian 8 is supported until 2020); while on a more modern Linux version like Fedora 29 (not yet released, currently in beta), and probably in Debian 9 too, it is working fine.

Of course, the easiest way out would be to upgrade to Debian 9 (stable) (released June 2017) or even to Debian testing (“buster”).

Oh, wait, let me read more carefully… You wrote:

So, do you mean that if you have only gcc-4.9, i.e. the default version of GCC in Debian 8 (jessie), and no “gcc-5”, Hugo (extended or not) builds correctly and runs fine, with a correctly (non-empty) generated .CSS file?

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Hi @anthonyfok,

Unfortunately, in this specific case updating to Debian 9 is not an option at the moment :frowning:

If I have gcc-4.9, I’m able to run the regular version and everything works fine. I’m not able to run extended version at all as it depends on gcc-5.