Hugo custom RSS feed in a theme


I have created a custom RSS feed to be compliant with OAI-PMH using hugo’s custom outputs. I would like to modularize it so that it can be packaged in a module or theme by itself (hopefully for reuse and distribution). My inspiration is hugo-cite which is a theme that just adds a set of shortcodes and can be loaded after a main theme. In concept this is similar to how a plugin in WordPress would work.

my config.toml file looks like this:

# Name of Academic theme folder in `themes/`.
#  [[module.imports]]
#    path = ""
theme = ["hugo-cite", "academic"]

So, my question is – how do I do this? Basically, how do I set the config values needed in the default without overwriting config.toml. I need to get some “outputs” from the main theme and other “outputs” from a second theme.

My outputs look like the following:

  home = [ "HTML", "RSS", "JSON", "WebAppManifest" ]
  section = [ "HTML", "RSS" ]

# from

  suffixes = ["webmanifest"]
  suffixes = "xml"
#  suffixes = "xml"

  mediaType = "application/manifest+json"
  rel = "manifest"
#  mediaType = "application/rss+xml"
#  baseName = "oai"
  mediaType = "application/rss+xml"
  baseName = "oai"