Hugo and NetlifyCMS for i18n folder

Hi !

I’m using NetlifyCMS to translate all my variables inside my Sections folder for instance, and it’s working well.
But, as I’m using the i18n folder for some strings (eg: legal mentions), I don’t know how to reference this text.

As this the yaml files in i18n folder are like that :

- id: legal_mentions
  translation: 'Something une SARL au capital social de 5000€, domiciliée at Paris'
- id: something else
  translation: 'Something else is written'

How can I target the legal_mentions value in the .yml config file of NetlifyCMS ?
Ideally, I would love that it loops through all id values in my i18n/en.yml & i18n/fr.yml files!


You’ll have better luck asking where they support NetlifyCMS. :slight_smile:

You’re right, I’m going to try NetlifyCMS Slack as well.