Hugo 0.49 released

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Termux/Android packages at are updated.


The Snap & 3rd-Party Releases

Snap Package - the Hugo Snap (Snapcraft) package for Linux distributions

  • traditional release - updated
  • extended release - updated

Docker/CI Image - a Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration- updated
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS - not yet updated
Brew - a macOS package manager - updated
Chocolatey - a Windows package manager - not yet updated

I periodically check this post for updates but feel free to ping me.


So, when do we get the snap for 0.48 or 0.49? I managed to get 0.48 by selecting “edge” from the snap store, but I’m still waiting…
I understand if it’s just too much to maintain the snap version, but it would be nice to update it.

Hi @Leoj03,

Normally, updates to Snap are automatic and requires minimal human intervention.

With Hugo v0.48 being probably the first snap package to require Go 1.11 and make use of Go 1.11 Module (go.mod), we ran into some peculiar problem with the snap build associated with snapcraft’s go plugin and the use of Go 1.11 Module in Hugo, that took a while to investigate and to solve, see:

That problem is apparently solved now, and you probably saw 0.50-DEV appearing in the edge or extended/edge channels. For completeness sake, I tried to build 0.48 in the stable and extended/stable channels, but that appearently failed. After skipping 0.48 directly to 0.49, the stable build is working again, except that the snap store seems to be under maintenance at the moment, so you’ll just have to wait…

… or fetch the snap file manually from or if you are really brave. :wink:

I personally tend to recommend using the .deb that you get from apt-get if you are running the latest Debian or Ubuntu, but there is some delay in getting golang-1.11 into Debian (probably for some technical reasons), so the Debian/Ubuntu version is stuck at 0.47.1 too. So, until that is resolved (don’t know when), I am using the snap version myself too.


O.K, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!

Well, now it says I’m on 0.50 DEV, so… cool, I guess.

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In case anyone is looking for the (historical) Debian packaging of Hugo 0.49:

Uploaded on 2018-12-19