Hugo 0.19 planning


My Take

Looks like the image PR needs work. A lot of discussion happened after the initial PR and no changes were ever made. No commits to that branch in over a year, and kujohn hasn’t been on the forums since then either. Doesn’t look good.

The Markdown ToC stuff should probably wait for blackfriday v2. Hoping they can polish that up over the next few months. Progress updates have been posted to blackfriday #218.


Kind of agree with @moorereason. Given the time limit of this release, none of those issues will be finished for 0.19. The image needs some kind of agreed upon spec.


Any chance of getYAML and getTOML functions?


Could this issue be considered for 0.19?


I’d love to see support for “environments” (e.g. production, staging etc.).

It’d be awesome if within config.toml we could define a section with properties shared across all environments and then a way to override specific options for specific environments. E.g. to suppress the analytics ID on staging or to set different site URLs per environment.


Added MakePath issue #2788 to 0.19 milestone for now and labeled as a Bug. This would be a breaking change, so we’d need to put a Notice in the release notes.


We have an existing issue that could solve that scenario (#2735), but it was needing support upstream in Viper.

@bep, has Viper improved to the point where we can add this feature? If not, we should label as Upstream.


Don’t think so.


I would also suggest this minor update to the docs for 0.19:


Just as a reminder

Keep images associated with content in the same folder


I have pushed the release date to February 20, 2017 – so we can compile with Go 1.8 – should give even more performance :slight_smile:


What about the addition of something like imageDir in site config, @Beny? I know this doesn’t take care of the desire to put images in the same folder as their respective content, but it would make for cleaner markdown and makes it easy to serve images elsewhere (eg, from a CDN or DAM for larger organizational sites)…


Hi @rdwatters the reason is the amount of articles. I have 2 projects with 10k+ in Wordpress. I migrated with a couple of smaller projects without problems. But for huge projects it is important to have the image near the article.
Hugo is the most interesting SSG. So i will wait. I tried other SSG. Hugo is awesome.


This “article bundling” is in my mental road plan for Hugo, too, so it will happen before 1.0. But not for 0.19 me thinks.


Thx bep. As I said. I will wait. You´re doing a great job. Really awesome.


if exist still not work?


You may wish to add this one to 0.19:


I would like to see content and images in same folder as well. It helps managing the files and less technical users can write docs. If they have to understand folder structure and create subfolder under a different path, gets complicated. In big organizations lot of people who write docs don’t know much about code and can’t deal with the complexity.


I’m closing this issue now. Thanks for all the input, and the plate is plenty full for the limited time we have. Me, I’m sweating with getting rid of “all” the globals in Hugo – a feature you will not notice at all (if I’m lucky, it will help improve speed, but doubt it), but will make it easier to maintain and develop Hugo.