How to use different paths than template declares?

I’m using a template and it keep insisting my blog is under “/post” …is there a way (without rewriting the template) to make it have “/blog” as the base url ?

I believe you can do that by editing and setting the slug / alias in the frontmattter. Place it in /post/

permalinks in the config file can also do this

To piggyback on @gaetawoo :

Probably your best bet since I think you want to build that whole section…

I tried putting permalinks info in to config.tml but it just broke the template and also don’t handle when the template have hardcoded references to ‘post’ in its urls so I don’t see a way to avoid change the template no matter what.

yea, that sucks when that’s the case.

is there a way for a template to be written so it would adjust for paths/link renames like this ?

not apart from going through the template and fixing each use of the hardcoded values. It’s possible, just work. Open all the files and search and replace through them.

Note, we don’t actually know what you are referring to, as you didn’t share a theme or site. But the likely scenario is that you have a hardcoded menu item or something in the theme you are using, and of course that is possible to template in a way that is easier to customize without modifying the template.

For instance, one could build the theme to support menus, or it could load the text from .Site.Params. So as a theme creator you can definitely fix that. :slight_smile: