How to supress resources directory creation?

I have heavily customized the hugo-casper3 theme to meet my website’s needs. It has no JS and just last night I moved away from SCSS to pure CSS.

At this point all my assets are in /static and yet hugo create /resources directory with _gen and images and assets sub-directories. All these directories are empty, and I can’t find a way to supress the creation of /resources folder.

Maybe something inside the theme’s layouts is triggering this, but I can’t seem to find it.

use resourceDir to move it to another place

If you use GIT, put it in .gitignore.

This directory is used as cache for image processing. Forcing not t use it results in longer build times.

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If you have no more asset creation with pipes then you can downgrade your Hugo installation to the “normal” (not extended) version which should in return not create this directory (but also doesn’t have these features).

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The non-extended version still creates resources directory. Am I missing something?