How to structure Hugo Site's Content to allow for Google to understand Sitemap

Has anyone had success on getting Google Search to show your site link structure?

I would love for Google to understand that my Course, Lessons, Blog all exist on and then take it a step further and allow for this structure to show up on Google searches.

Mine that doesn’t look good.




One that works

tylermcginnis is an example of a site that has great sitelinks, especially on mobile.



Easiest way to, probably, get sitelinks on Google would be to add breadcrumbs with structured data. It tends to be a bit random if and when sitelinks will show up on the SERP. Though, your site looks well-structured and fairly optimized, so I wouldn’t think it’ll be an issue to achieve.

For structured data, I usually find myself using microdata for breadcrumbs, since that’s a component that probably won’t change frequently anyways. For more in depth structured data, I usually opt for a JSON-LD tag in the page head, since it’s cleaner to use versus tons of inlined microdata attributes.

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