How to start properly?

Hello, I wan’t to start Web Development using Hugo. To do this i would create a Website.

  1. What should i learn in advance, if i want to start with hugo (HTML, CSS [Anything else?; How good should i be in this languages?])

  2. Is there any good guide to build a own Hugo theme, cause this is my plan, it doesn’t matter if its a Dokumentation Entry or a Youtube Video or anything other. And idoes it make sense to build a own Theme or is it to complicated as a novice, which is ready to concern with the matter.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. If you’re new to both HTML and CSS, start with a Hugo theme (see next item) and figure out things from how it’s coded and how it works. The official documentation will help you eventually, but it won’t make much sense if you’re not familiar with HTML and/or CSS. [And, yeah, you really do need to get reasonably familiar with both of those ASAP.]
  2. There’s now a really good theme project out there that’s specifically for new users like you:
    GitHub - hiAndrewQuinn/hugo-plain-theme: Minimum viable Hugo. No CSS, no JS. HTML only. Instructions on how to generate in the README.

Best wishes!

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From Requesting Help.

Dare we say that while Hugo is indeed pretty magical, it is not meant to be a “magic wand” to suddenly give you a published website a la Square Space or Wordpress. You are expected to already know how to assemble a static web page, for which you do need some basic knowledge of html, css, command line and text editors. Or how to prepare a space to host your website. The bottom line is, if you are unwilling to invest the time required to learn these things, then Hugo is not for you.

You can get around using Hugo with basic knowledge, but more advanced knowledge would require putting in the work to learn the ins and outs of Hugo templating.