How to run Hugo server in the background?

I don’t want every time open terminal and type hugo server to spin the local development. I’m using typora as the markdown editor and I’m using sublime merge as the git editor. What I want is without manually running hugo server I need to run the development server.

Can someone tell me what are my options?

I believe that you will have to create a script which runs when your user logs in/turns on the computer. There might be another way via making an icon which will launch the script.

MacOS has Automator there is prob something for windows/Linux/etc.

Another thing to look at would be a terminal extension to Sublime/your code editor. I use one with Atom, makes editing and developing easy.

(glad that you are using Typora – an amazing md editor which renders md in real time in a very seamless way – no split screen needed!)

Like @HenrySkup said you can use automator on Mac on windows you can just make a batch script that runs on startup.

Just place your hugo command in your batch file and off you go.