How to represent an 'ongoing' date?

i am sorting from some data files, and some dates are “ongoing” or “till present day” etc. how can i represent this in a valid date format so i can sort it?

Could you give a more specific example?

from the repo:

if you see the file:

i’ve put a finnissage date of 2026, whereas what i really wanna say is that this event is still going on, it is an ongoing event.

how can i represent this so that it is still a valid date, and is sortable?

Currently, it is a valid date, and it is sortable.

I think picking some date in the future, to represent it as an ongoing date, as you have done, is fine.

that doesnt cut it for me. this is an ugly workaround.
is there any way of representing ongoing as a valid date-format?

Perhaps you could set a flag in your YAML data file, something like

ongoing: true

Then in your templates, you could customize how this is displayed.

ah i never thought of it this way, thank you @zwbetz