How to repeat post multiple times in future?


I have a that I would like to have in the near future e.g. 2024-10-10 but also on 2025-10-12 and 2026-10-14

Currently I do it like this:
I create content/posts/ and inside that file I include:

title: "Title post"                                                                                                   
date: 2024-10-10T00:00:00+02:00                                                                                            
draft: false                                                                                                               
author: ["foo"]                                                                                                       
    image: "img/title-post.jpg"                                                                                       
    alt: "Title post"                                                                                                 
    caption: "Source: foo"                                                                                                 
tags: ["some title"]                                                                                              
{{% content "unique_posts/" %}}

So when I need to be repeated on 2025-10-12 I would create content/posts/ and fill that file same as 2024-10-10 with only difference of date: 2025-10-12T00:00:00+02:00

Is there any “better” way to do it?

No, there is not.