How to render shortcodes when removing excerpt?

I’m using Hugo’s built-in excerpt/content feature, but when dealing with the single.html layout I want to remove the excerpt completely.

So I’m using this:

        {{ $post := split .RawContent "<!--more-->" }}
        {{ if index $post 1 }}
        {{ index $post 1 | markdownify | emojify }}
        {{ else }}
        {{ .Content }}
        {{ end }}

Unfortunately it seems that Hugo cannot render the shortcodes that reside inside the $post. I’ve tried looking for a filter (similar to markdownify or emojify) for shortcodes but no luck.

Am I doing things wrong? How can I render the shortcodes correctly?

Live example of non-rendered shortcode: (scroll at the middle of the post, you’ll see raw code).

Thanks everyone.

Did you initialize index? What is the error output?
It’s not clear to me what the variables are but,
I would think something like this would work (after post line):
{{ range index, $element := $post }}
{{ (if eq index 1) }}
{{ $element | markdownify | emojify }}
{{ else }}
{{ .Content }}
{{ end }}

Thank you for your reply.

Index does not need to be initialized for this to work. Besides I don’t have any compilation error, it’s just that the shortcode is not interpreted and I get raw template syntax instead.

Your example doesn’t work though, as I do get a compilation error:

ERROR 2018/10/18 09:57:10 Failed to add template "blog/single.html" in path "blog/single.html": template: blog/single.html:53: unexpected "," in operand

I forgot$ in front of index.

{{ range $index, $element := $post }}
{{ (if eq $index 1) }}
{{ $element | markdownify | emojify }}
{{ else }}
{{ .Content }}
{{ end }}

Nope, still nothing.

(sorry for the late reply I got swamped with work)

Is there any function in Hugo that lets one select the content of a post without its excerpt maybe? I’m really stuck here.

I’m don’t think you should use the content summary feature. It doesn’t do what you want; it is for showing a short summary at the beginning of the post.

If you want an excerpt, I recommend using a front matter field, such as excerpt. Then you’ll have complete control as you want.

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So if I understand correctly, it’s impossible to extract the main body of a post when using content summary. I feel like this is something that’s missing in Hugo.

Using a front matter field is a good workaround, I think I’ll use that. But since we can use .Summary and .Truncated, it could be nice to use something like .Detail to fetch the rest of a post. Or at leat Hugo should be able to interpret shortcodes inside these like I showed in the first post.

It isn’t impossible, folks have found lots of ways to do it. For instance:

There is an issue about it as well, linked in one of the threads. But from a content standpoint, what you want is actually a separate field, and not a “summary” per se. A summary is still part of the content.