How to render a page?

Check my screenshot below ↓

My idea is to create an archive page that it wouldn’t appear in home and only exist if visitor go directly to it (have its URL). My solution is create an under /content/archive directory. In the theme dir, I create a archive/list.html under layouts dir. And it doesn’t work. It maybe I misread some part in the document. However, the funny thing is the same schema for JSON file works. I also checked the config/outputs.toml file to make every page has “HTML” output.

Could you help me find out what did I do wrong? Btw, I would like to separate it to a dir. Just a clean design reason.

can you give us a github repo to help?

My repo is private but I can pack the code and post it on here. Is it ok?

The link will die after 90 days.

Update, this structure also works on XML extension. Only HTML is not rendered.

For a mysterious reason, now everything back to normal. This maybe a glitch. :disappointed_relieved: