How to move tags list around the page

Where i can locate tags list code?

I’m using mainroad theme:

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Thanks for pointing out file, but i can’t understand how to relocate tag list.
Sorry for such newbie question.

Have a play with what happens as you move this line

to different parts of the single page template. I’m guessing you might want to put it after line 9 - but the best way to learn is to run hugo server and see what happens!

As you do this, I reckon it’d be a good idea to override the single page template. So make a copy of single.html from the themes/layouts/_default/ directory and put it /layouts/_default/single.html and edit the second (override) version. This way you’re not editing the theme itself, but only your version - and if don’t like what your changes do, you can simply delete the file and stick with how the theme is built.

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Thank you for such comprehensive explanation.
It was very helpful for newbie like me!

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