How To Integrate Feedburner Correctly

I have integrated feedburner in other sites with active code - so I know the basics of pointing my actual RSS feed to feedburner and then posting the feedburner feed on my site as the Official feed.

What I want to know is what is the best hugo-fied way to ensure that anything that automatically “finds feeds” ignores the actual hugo feed and picks up on the feedburner feed?

A best practice something like this - but a hugo version:

I couldn’t find anything in the docs nor forums.

I didn’t know Feedburner still worked. It was “retired” by Google in 2012. At any rate, anything in your head that has <link rel="feed"... in it will be discoverable, so if there’s a link like that in your theme to something you don’t want, just delete it.

@budparr - it does still work, but apparently held up by toothpicks at the moment.

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Wanted to circle back and mention there are some big names still using feedburner - among them all the AWS blog feeds.