How to extend my site for a "Traveling" section?

Hi. I have this blog and I want to extend it with a section for my traveling articles.

The idea is to have a top-bar button “Traveling”. When clicking on it, the visitor can see a list of “trips”, whereas each trip may contain several articles, optionally categorized by country. So the “traveling” / “trips” page should show a list like this:

  • 2017 - Iceland
    • How we got there (article)
    • How it was (article)
  • 2018 - North-America
    • Canada (subsection of the “North-America” trip)
      • Getting there (article)
      • Some more (article)
    • USA (subsection of the “North-America” trip)
      • Another article (article)

Each “Trip” and each “Subsection” has another dedicated page where I may have a “Introductory” article about the trip/subsection. The “Intro” page should also contain a list of subsections+articles if it is a “trip” page or only articles if it is a subsection page.

I’m a bit lost with taxonomies, categories and all the other features hugo provides for this.

I’m using the Icarus theme, but I have my own fork and am willing to modify it to my needs if this is required.

Do you have experience with taxonomies in other systems? You’ll probably use them in a few different ways to get what you are looking for. What about the Hugo taxonomies is blocking ya? :slight_smile:

I simply do not know how to get to my end result using them (or whether I actually need them for my goal or whether another feature might be more appropriate).

You don’t really need taxonomies to achieve what you want.

See the documentation of Nested Sections and the demo