How to create a new index tab in the theme "Massively"

Hello friends,

in one of my school classes we are creating a website in order to educate our peers about the next election in Germany; we have thus written a number of markdown documents about different parties, important political issues and general informations.
I have made a prototype for the project using the theme massively, but have, however, run into the issue of being unable to group the articles into thematic groups.

I’m very new to hugo and html. There are multiple index tabs (though the second tab is just a “generic article”) on the homepage of massively. Is there any way to add new thematic index tabs in massively which are structured just like the main page, but contain different articles.

Thanks in advance.

You might try posting your question to the theme’s dedicated issue queue, although it doesn’t appear to be terribly active. Note that the theme was last updated 11 months ago, which is a long time in Hugo land.

Seems like a great idea. I’ll check it out. Thanks a lot!

This is where Hugo’s taxonomy system would be useful, allowing you to group content by category (e.g., party, issue, information).

Unfortunately, the massively theme does not support taxonomies. See:

If I were you, I’d start with a theme like Ananke.

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