How to Check for Home Page?


Thanks alot, @bep. I confirm {{ if .IsHome }}foo{{ end }} works like a charm after doing a go get to update Hugo. Much easier!


Hello everybody!
New to Hugo I’ve been trying a whole day to track this down for stripping href from the page title on the root page. Then finally found this thread. Great. .IsHome actually is what I would have expected in the beginning when realizing that .IsNode has a to big scope for this.

I’ll be introducing myself on a later occasion. In short: coming from ikiwiki (a static wiki compiler working with VCS plus a web frontend, great tool, but…) I would like to contribute with about eight years of experience using and templating ikiwiki, regarding the discussion about a web frontend for Hugo.

But first: Thank You for Hugo! It really is a work of love. Still got to wrap my head around a bunch of things, learn necessary bits of Go and more. But even for now it’s amazing.



Tested worked perfectly.



To add to this, the above corresponds to:

{{ if eq .Kind "home" }}

In Hugo >= 0.18.

Which is more flexible as you can say:

{{ if eq .Kind "section" }}
{{ if eq .Kind "taxonomy" }}



I had to add a section if the page is home and I was adding boolean value under config for that section. Below code did magic for me :slight_smile:

{{ if and (eq .Site.Params.HomePageSection true) (.IsHome)}}
	{{ partial "home-top-section" }}
{{ end }}