How to access another page's params

I have a bunch of pages I’m linking in a partial. These pages have their own content defined in their <page_name>.md’s frontmatter. I need to access the params in those pages like how I would in their their layouts or single.html, but in a partial.


title: Page1 Title
title: Page2 Title
{{ Page1.Param "title" }}
{{ Page2.Param "title" }}
{{ partial "featured.html" . }}

Is there a way to do this?


Thanks a lot!

I’ve found that if you need to access a Draft Page’s params (which will not be accessible via .GetPage that transform.Unmarshal works if you are able to navigate to the file and read it (.readFile

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Great to know! Bookmarked.

Would you mind looking at Using .GetPage in a menu loop. I’m trying to use .GetPage in a menu loop.