How set different active panel?

I have four different sections. The first is “event,” the second “blog,” and so on. I have posts in my blog section. I want to have people who surf to the site see my page displayed from event section (a simple listing the event we are advertising, but by default the site displays the blog links (posts from the second section) instead. I am thinking this must be a very simple something I’ve missed, so thanks in advance for an answer Love Hugo but still pounding my head against the learning curve.

Are you saying you’d like the template /event/list.html to be rendered at
Check your layouts/index.html file, if so, that’s probably listing blog posts (like /blog/list.html), so see what changing things there does.

The code there is

<section id="main">
    {{ range first 10 .Data.Pages }}
        {{ .Render "summary"}}
    {{ end }}

But how do I set so that instead of pulling from /content/post/ it constructs the page from /content/events/, which is a single page? The blog posts can just be accessed through the menu instead of being landing content.

Replace the range section with something like this.

{{ range .Site.Pages }}
  {{ if and (eq .Section "events") (eq .Title "2017q2") }}
    {{ .Content }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

would work. Or use another parameter of that page (or it’s actual title, if it isn’t 2017q2). Also allows for flexibility, so you could get rid of the second condition and put add a {{.Title}} to stack your events on top of one another.