How does a theme render href links?

hi all, i have a theme issue with link rendering. (both are not my themes). fact is that both themes render links totally differently (see this gist for an example), and I don’t know how or why, cause I cannot find a “link template” in any theme. but one renders multiple newlines and several HTML tags, the other one just puts a <a href ... /> right in the flow of the current line.

example theme 1 (kept the whitespace exactly as-is, just replaced the text):

<p>Lots of text I removed yadda yadda here's a link <a 
    with a link text
<p>now text continues ...

theme 2 link rendering:

<p>Again lots of text removed but here's a link to (<a href="">Nokia 4.2</a>), which you really shouldn't buy.</p>

so, question: how can I influence the way a theme renders a “basic” html href link into the HTML text?

Maybe your template defines a render_image hook(s):

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t see this. it’s called render-link.html:man_facepalming:

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