How can I build a filename from two variables?

I enjoyed helping; and I hoped there were some ‘learnings’ (to use a horrible modern slang) happening :grin:

One final thing: Do you run Hugo via the command line by typing (in a terminal):

hugo server

or do you use some VSCode extension? If the latter than that is why you are not seeing the ‘console’ or the WARNS from warnf.

I normally use the Terminal in VSCode (which is Powershell on my Windows 10 machine).
I do have some Hugo-related extensions installed.

What happens if you view the Terminal while the server is running? (Does the Terminal get hidden due to lack of screen space? Or are you just looking at a browser instead of VSCode, or is there something I haven’t thought of that you are doing?

AH. I see what you are saying.
I normally leave the terminal open in VSCode (below the code window). If I see a number pop up on the Problems tab I will switch from the terminal to that sometimes. But scrolling up through the Terminal window I DO see that ERRORs are written there. I’m assuming the warnf was also, but the buffer doesn’t allow me to scroll back that far. I’ll watch for it in the future. Thanks again!

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