Highlighting with linenumbers "looks off" in Opera (Bug?)

Hi everyone,

I recently got my personal website up and running with Hugo, and am pretty content with how everything turned out. However, comparing the look on the major browsers I found the highlighting in Opera to look inexplicable “off”.

At first I thought that it had to be a mistake of mine, but checking the example from the docs (and several Hugo-generated sites) with Opera, I found the issue to exist everywhere.

The following screenshot shows on the left how Firefox 69 and most browsers render the source code example used in the docs, while the right side shows the latest version of Opera:

Highlighting in Firefox (left) and Opera (right)

This seems like a bug to me. I’m not sure though, whether this has to be fixed on Chroma’s end or within Hugo. The problem only occurs when linenumbers are used, and I figured, since B.E. Pedersen did the “linenos”-patch in Chroma, this would be the right place to find out how to get this fixed.

Sure, Opera is not exactly my browser of choice, and not as popular as Firefox, but the issue bugs me as I was hinted at it by a visitor. I just downloaded Opera quickly to confirm it.

Any ideas? :thinking: