Highlight custom words inside <code> tag / Alternatives?

I am building a blog where I pretend to have some tutorials with multiple programming languages, while I’m doing this, I usually need to address some variable names as placeholders, I use custom names, but it will be good to show readers what they have to replace changing some colors, as they do in DigitalOcean posts (e.g., https://magc.co/M-oBO)

I have been reading about this, and I know there is a highlighting feature for <code> tags implemented by pygments, this is good because it highlights the instructions depending on the programming language, but is not what I am looking for, I just need an option to be able to change the color to any word I need

I read also there is no possibility of adding HTML tags inside <code> by definition this is intended to show raw info, so is there maybe a custom workaround to achieve this? or maybe an alternative way?