Help with a hugo template

I’m trying to change the content on the history page and only the content1 file under the history page is populating properly. The content2 and content3 aren’t updating properly. The content that should be controlled with the content2 file is not being changed by anything I can find. The content that should be controlled by content3 under History is actually being populated by the content3 file in the About folder.

The template is here : GitHub - zerostaticthemes/hugo-hero-theme: A multi-page Hugo theme with fullscreen hero images and fullwidth sections.
my version is here : GitHub - jericashall/hugo-hero-theme
my netlify testing site is : https://

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me figure out how to fix this!

I warmly recommend you build a proper Hugo site and not misuse the exampleSite directory.

But for this question. See hugo-hero-theme/ at master · jericashall/hugo-hero-theme · GitHub

There the three sections is defined and you can see whereto content is pulled from.

{{< content-strip-left "/pages/history" "content1" >}}
{{< content-strip-right "/pages/about" "content2" >}}
{{< content-strip-center "/pages/about" "content3" >}}
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Thank you for your feedback! This is my first time using hugo so I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing. What does building my own site entail? Or do you have a good guide you recommend on getting started?

Hello Jerica,

when I first started using Hugo, I spent some times in the getting started section :

It can help you getting around.

Thank you very much!