Hello CSS variables/custom properties - goodbye preprocessors


As browsers are upgraded we are approaching the point where CSS variables will be (or already are) safe to use.


P.S. I just did a quick test on Netlify, seems to be working well! Perhaps @biilmann knows more?


I’ve seen this in a number of css libraries. Tachyons, used by a couple of Hugo themes already, uses it as far as I can see.


I’ve been using CSSNext (and that’s what Tachyons uses, too) for variables, and it includes autoprefixer and a bunch of other stuff. It’s awesome!


Yeah, agreed @budparr, before I started using Tachyons, I was hand-rolling a setup similar to the cssnext setup that Tachyons is using. Works quite well.


Gents, brilliant! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Sure. Search my Colophon for “barebones” for a decent example of a build pipeline - that’s what I looked at to learn how to do it. Note that pure Tachyons also has a cssnext pipeline included.


Great Colophon btw :+1:


Very nice gents :slight_smile: