Hi all,

I’ve got this community page: https://coredns.io/community/ which shows how to interact with the CoreDNS community. But
page flips between a community page and a topic listing page (not 50/50 though - I suspect something is put in a Go map and the last thing retrieved is what I get).

Now I tried forcing the issue by placing a list.html and single.html into https://github.com/coredns/coredns.io/tree/master/themes/coredns/layouts/community

But this does not make the issue go away. How can I override hugo’s default here?

Thanks for any pointers!

I suspect community is a section and you got a community/index.md, aka a single page, which in the default will give you a 50/50 chance (due to concurrency) of getting one or the other.

Two options:

  1. Rename to _index.md (will then use the section template, not the single template)
  2. Disable sections.

Thanks. I opted for the first one (think I’ve done that before). I assume I can now also delete list.html from the layouts/community dir?

nope that breaks it

The list.html, from what I’m gathering from previous comments, is what’s being used in your project to render the _index.md page. A section template is a list template but more specific. Checkih out the docs on the lookup order might help a bit.