Headless bundle - Resources array missing in JSON dump to console.log


draft: false
headless: true
- name: footer
  src: site-footer.md

If I do this in my baseof.html:

{{ $partials := .Site.GetPage "partials" }}
{{ with $partials }}<script>console.log({{ $partials }})</script>{{ end }}

I can see in the browser console that the object does not contain a Resources array. I was pretty confused about why I was unable to GetMatch that footer before I found this nice way of outputting the object in the forums.

Why might this be?

site-footer.md lives alongside index.md in content/partials.

I doubt that sending converting $partials to JSON will include the .Resources.

Oh… How might I inspect the object in its totality, then?


{{ printf "%#v" $partials }}


&hugolib.pageState{pageOutputs:[]*hugolib.pageOutput{(*hugolib.pageOutput)(0xc0006cc7e0), (*hugolib.pageOutput)(0xc0006cc900)}, pageOutput:(*hugolib.pageOutput)(0xc0006cc7e0), pageCommon:(*hugolib.pageCommon)(0xc00043d400)}


{{ $partials | debug.Dump }}




{{ $footer := $partials.Resources.GetMatch "footer" }}
{{ printf "%#v" $footer }}



I haven’t found any informative way to debug :frowning:

Ok, now I figured it out by using the console.logging against

{{ $reusablePages := $partials.Resources.Match "*" }}

To my horror I discovered that it had

Name: "site-footer.md"

As expected, I was now able to get it by

{{ $footer := $partials.Resources.GetMatch "site-footer.md" }}

Is this a bug? The docs clearly state for an example:

sunset.jpg will receive a new Name and can now be found with .GetMatch "header"

Why did it not pick up my name definition from index.md, but stuck with the file name instead?

Edit: I am using 0.74.3 from Arch Linux AUR.