Goldmark: The return of the empty <p> tags

In a content file if a markdown syntax image is specified in the form of ![image](/image.jpg) and there is text above it like so:

Lorem Ipsum  

Then said image will not be processed by Goldmark.
To make it processed one will have to enter a newline like so:

Lorem Ipsum  


Then the image will be processed by Goldmark but also an empty <p></p> tag will be outputted that cannot be removed no matter what.

In the past (with Blackfriday) I used to get rid of the empty <p> tags with something like:
{{ replace .Content "<p></p>" "" | safeHTML }}
Unfortunately this does not seem possible anymore.

Any ideas?

cc: @bep

Well… I will be damned.

Turns out that I encountered the above behavior because right above the text there was a shortcode with the <> delimiters like so:

{{< img src="image.jpg" alt="Some image" >}}
Lorem Ipsum  

In the above scenario the markdown image is not processed like I mentioned above but if I change the shortcode delimiters to % instead like so:

{{% img src="another-image.jpg" alt="Some other image" %}}
Lorem Ipsum  

Then the markdown image will be processed.

Don’t know if this qualifies as a bug or not but @bep should know about it.

Also both an image shortcode and a markdown render-image hook are used, because I am working with a complex layout and there are different templates for each.

Anyway this was the new thing I found out about Hugo today.

On a side note: If you like working on the shell I suggest having a look at a tool called “remark”. It has a powerful linter that checks your markdown files and forces you to write “proper” markdown. There is even a plugin that adds some rules that make your markdown even more stable between various compilers. I added that and removed the hacks (like the config-goldmark-unsafe rule).

It’s a bit of a hassle to set up properly, I could share my config.

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please share you config

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