GitHub pages deployment doesn't add new content

I try to deploy my quickstart website (with ananke theme) on GitHub pages following Host on GitHub Pages | Hugo.

The first, empty site is being published correctly.

Unfortunately, when I:

  1. add a new page with:
    hugo new content posts/
  2. publish it with
  3. check that it works locally with:
    hugo server -D
  4. git add . ; git commit “First content”; git push…

the workflow completes without any errors, but the page on github pages is still empty (no new page added).

Can you help me, please?

Many thanks,

Is draft set to true on the page in question?

Yes… I have found the error in the meantime - removing draft solves the problem.
Many thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

One suggestion: consider adding this tip to the tutorial.


I think the quick start guide covers that…


Yes. That is the way I have identified my error. But for a complete beginner (like me) I would add a single suggestion like:
“To publish Your new page remove the line with draft”, or, even better, provide a new with that line removed.
Just to consider :slight_smile:

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