Github pages deploy fails on POSTCSS

I’ve followed the guide on Hugo for setting up Github pages to host my site, the only change to the hg-pages.yml was to enable extended: true

Here is the error I am getting:

I’ve followed a SkillShare teacher who has posted a full course on hugo, so it’s basically all his code that I’m using for this repo.

As I’m new is there anything else I should be posted to expand more on my issue?

My local environment for reference:
Node v17.7.1
hugo v0.93.3+extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate=unknown
go version go1.18 darwin/amd64

I added those lines in the post mentioned above but still get the same error…

You need to install node before building with Hugo.


That worked! thankyou so much for this, I really appreciate it!!

For reference, here’s the updated placement of the node:

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