Getting the file extension with helpers.FileAndExt() [Solved]

As this search shows is FileAndExt() only used inside the helper package. But because the function name is capitalized I assume that this function can be used outside this package (which I want to do).

Here comes my problem: The last parameter requires the datatype as filepathPathBridge as you can see below.

func FileAndExt(in string, b filepathPathBridge)

Within the library the variable fpb is used as paramter in other places.

BUT because fpb and the underlying datatype filepathBridge are lowercase I CAN’T access them in order to pass them to FileAndExt().

So does this mean this function should remain private for the use in this package only or accessible in other parts of the codebase?

I just tried to keep the code dry by using already existing helpers. But you can get the file extension very easy by using the standard libary:

package main

import fp "path/filepath"

func main() {
    ext : = fp.Ext("pathToFile")