Getting Started with Hugo for New Users

Just putting it out there for consideration…


I wonder how you feel about separating most of the preface into a separate page so that the actual guide starts near the top of the page it is on? Aside from that I think this is a great option for those who have difficulty with the official guide.

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I assume you mean as an additional post rather than changing the original, since the latter is already out there in search engine DBs, RSS feeds, etc. (Also, I have this fixation on transparency, and such a wholesale “gutting” of the original would violate that IMHO.)

Yes, I could put out a new post with pretty much just that part (and fewer editorial comments :smiley: but with a link back to the original, to provide context). Will see if I can get that done today. Thanks for the suggestion!

Edit: Now added.


Hey cool, my hugo-plain-theme got a shoutout :smile:

This is a very lucid guide! I haven’t been using Hugo long enough to have known there even is a theme-less approach like this. I think I’ll link back to this for people who want a little more theory on how to get started with Hugo but aren’t getting that need met via the official channels.


Looks awesome! I’ve added it to my list of ‘additional resources’ for a talk I’m giving tonight on ‘web design/web development’ at the local library. My presentation is definitely not Hugo specific though I do have a little plug for Hugo in it. Mostly it is my observations of the many things (not just technology) to which one needs to pay attention on the 'postmodern web, if one is going to be serious about it.
After I give the talk, I’ll be including some form of the slide deck and resources page on my site.


Much appreciated, sir. Hope it goes well and you can spark some interest in SSGs in general, much less Hugo in particular.

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Thank you for the kind words!