GET request in url of menu item not transformed properly


i’m in the process of porting a website with a small shop to HUGO. The shop is based on php and i’d like to leave it as it is for now. To reach the shop i’d like to use a link in the navigation. To achieve this i use the following lines in my config:

    name = "Online Shop"
    weight = 2
    identifier = "onlineshop"
    url = "/shop/productlist.php%3Fmenucatid%3D1"

As you can see, the productlist.php can accept GET data. When i publish the site the %3F is not transformed to a ? while the %3D transforms properly to a =. When i use ? and = without escaping them, the special characters are stripped from the url completely (this is intended, i suppose).

Is the missing transformation of %3F intended?
Can you tell me what i can do to link to a url passing GET data?

Thanks a lot for your efforts, kind regards


Use an absolute URL.

I will do that, thanks!