Generate "main.css" only with tachyons.css calls really used on the website


I used Tachyons to have pre-views of my website. But to implement my corporate identity and have harmonious styles on all pages, I created my own CSS.

To optimise performances of a website, one of the way (among many others) is to reduce the size of the CSS file. When I generated the “main.css”, the file size was 85ko. But when I delete the tachyons.css file, I reach 13Ko !

As there are some remains of tachyons calls in some pages from the initial template I used (ANANKE), I wonder if there any way, when generating the “main.css”, to extract from tachyons.css only the ones which are really used in the website ?

Thanks !

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Thanks a lot @jmooring and sorry for the late reply. I will implement it soon.

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