FYI: I have to usually enable --disableFastRender to get reliable re-render

The way I include templates using .Render and partials I think overwhelmes the dependency checking and it doesn’t recompile the pages that are affected by changing in partials or templates.
This seems to also affect template rendered output to js.Build. I have been unable to detect exactly how to break it with a simple example, sorry.

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This is getting more and more severe. Currently I have to use disableFastRender and in addition this causes a loop of continuous rerender when making changes.

It feels as if changes are queued and the queue is not cleared during rebuild. My rebuild takes about 5 minutes and I will get 5 rebuilds after making changes to 5 files. If I quit and restart it stops rebuilding.

So although I think this is the correct way of operation it would help a lot if fast rendering would be more reliable. Using rendered javascript and built javascript as well as using .Render and cached partials seem all to be candidates why fast rendering doesn’t work, but I haven’t quite figured out how to detect where the actual problem is in dependency management. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I think when a build is made it should mark all files modified before the build time and remove them from the pending build queue, otherwise there will be many more builds than required.