Function partial that loads image breaks when page resource is given a name

Here is my test repo branch:

In the /content/posts/test/ file, there is an image under the images: key which is used by the single.html template. In that template is a function partial that takes in the page context and path of the given image and returns the image object.

Currently (as the repo is now), it will fail to build because get-image.html is not able to successfully run the .Resource.Get function on the given path. This ONLY happens when the name: key exists in the post’s frontmatter.

If you remove the name: key only, then it will build correctly.

I know the name: key is supposed to be used as a “shortcut” for referencing a page resource, so one could use .Resource.GetMatch "header" if the name is given as header. But I’m not using GetMatch, I’m using Get and i’m not using the name, I’m still only using the path. So why would it fail to build simply because the name: key exists even though it is never used in any way?

Feels like it’s either a bug or expected but not super desirable behavior and certainly not documented.