Frontmatter entries change whether title shows two times

I am trying to figure out, why some posts frontmatter and title is both rendered for one item, and for others the frontmatter is skipped:

Action Items :: NFDI4Ing Alex’s Action Items (

  • Mini Styleguide für Python shows the title twice (I experimented locally)
  • The other entries do only show the level1 Header from the content

I tried a lot of things, and while I was writing I tested every single line of frontmatter from another document and I noticed that it was a specific frontmatter key.
statusreport_id: - When empty, or assigned 0,[],~,null does cause the reported behaviour.

What I could not find out is why this happens.
I can only imagine that broken frontmatter would cause shortcodes to fail and the title to NOT be read and rendered - but the opposite is happening?

I also didn’t find the layout (single?) where the title would be input.

This is the repository
TA_Alex / action-items · GitLab (

It’s empty when I click the link.

Ah sry, I had the project set to public, but the repository was still on project members only.
Should be fixxed now.

It would be helpful if your repository contained content. For example, this directory is empty:

The repository contains everything needed tbh.
I make the GitLab CI/CD copy the “items” into the content folder, so I can use the base level for people to browse them more conveniently in the repository if they dont (want to) check the website.

So the content files that go into action-items are the markdown files in root excluding the readme and the files starting with 00_

Where’s the content that corresponds to:

I couldn’t find it.

Ah damnit. I’m sorry, I didn’t finish merging the branch into main.

And it should be on main in a few seconds as well.

On this page:

The first title is generated here:

The second title results from a level 1 heading in your markdown:

# Mini Styleguide für Python

But why is the behaviour on this page different?

There’s also a level 1 heading in the markdown

{{if and (not .IsHome) (not .Params.chapter) (not .Params.statusreport_ids)}}
I literally did not remember that I put this there -.-

I am so sorry for wasting your time -.-

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