File links in Front Matter

We have a page on our docs site that pulls in the content of a swagger yaml file that we store in a folder called others - This works fine, apart from the link to the yaml page is shown at the top of the page with the full path. I’d like to give the file link a more friendly name, but I’m not sure how to make this work in Front Matter. The Front Matter for the page is as follows:

title: Tyk Rest API
weight: 190
menu: "main"
url: "/tyk-rest-api"
type: "swagger-ui"
swagger: "/docs/others/gateway-swagger.yaml"

Hi, this is an issue specific to your theme and SwaggerUI javascript library.
Please see Swagger UI docs.

Currently your theme just passes the “swagger” parameter from front matter to SwaggerUIBundle like this

You can always use more front matter params, like “swagger_title”, and pass them to a template the same way: {{ .Params.swagger_title }}.
Where to put them in the layout depends on SwaggerUI, not Hugo, and I can’t help with this.