Failing to pull from YAML data files

Edit: I figured it out and not only is it working, but I switched the data format to json and now have the records sorted by a ‘weight’ parameter.

I am trying to pull data from data files.

Here is the data file:

Here is the layout file that is trying to call some data into it (line 14).

That same file (line 17) calls this partial to build a table from the data in the file.

I am not getting any errors, just nothing is showing up in either place.
You can see the results here.

I am sure this is user error.
Thank you for any advice.

It looks like you’ve modified your files since posting this issue. Did you solve your problem?

No, I just found a missing div tag and added some new data files for the range function to operate over.

I figured it out, most recent commit has all the latest updates and working code.