Expert Opinion Needed

I have a friend’s site published on netlify. He has markdown file published as below.

title: i9 9900K Motherboard
slug: i9-9900k
seotitle: i9 9900K Motherboard
date: 2020-10-16T16:09:42.728Z
categories: Motherboard
author: Rustam Iqbal
description: These motherboards have potent processors. Another spec is that it
  has unbeatable performance. Moreover, its CPU delivers with eight cores and 16
  threads, which is more than enough to deal with the latest applications. It
  also has a clock speed of 3.9GHz, which is somehow excellent.
image: img/9april.jpg
  - paragraph: >-

  There is nothing wrong with stating that the motherboard is one of the computer system’s necessary components, as it is linked with many parts of the computer. If you have an unlocked processor, you can hike the mountain with the brand new limits of **[the overclocking](** with the excellent power design motherboard’s assistance. So we gather the best motherboards on a single platform. This list includes the i9 9900k motherboard, which delivers the full performance to you.

  - paragraph: >-

  Complete research has been performed on it, which shows that these are the premium quality motherboards. It has variety in both budget and specifications. All of you can select according to your pocket and basic need. For most of the gamers, these motherboards are the prior choice. If you are going to build a gaming rig, you need **[the best processor](** for this purpose. So the gamers go for a processor that helps them to make **[a gaming PC](** and will be compatible with it. These motherboards have adequate cooling, decent airflow, and it also delivers a sufficient power supply.

  - heading: Love Motherboards
  - award: i9 9900K Premium Motherboard
    name: i9 9900K Premium Motherboard Z390
    image: img/9april.jpg
      - paragraph: >-

          ### What recent buyers report?

          Gamers are always in search of a gaming motherboard that has all the desirable qualities. This motherboard diverts attention through its innovative designs and cutting edge functionality. The customers are most likely to buy it due to its sophisticated thermal systems and next-generation network connectivity. Z390 Aorus extreme is the well-defined form of the flagship motherboards. These motherboards’ thermal methods ensure its users’ stability even under the low-temperature full loading application and gaming.

      - pro: Superb rear connectivity
      - con: Low PCIe versatility
  - paragraph: >-

  If you search for a gaming motherboard with good storage, memory speeds, and mesmerizing looks, then these above i9 9900k motherboard is a choice not to be neglected. These motherboards give you splendid performance and maintain the heat during the overworking of the gaming PC. You can buy a gaming motherboard according to your choice and your budget as they are available in all ranges, whether high, reasonable, or low price. The investment would be completely justified if you buy any of this motherboard.

  - question: What motherboards work with the i9 9900k?
answer: It's a very important question, a motherboard with stable clock speeds
  over all cores, superior temperature control sustaining at 80C celsius
  even at high rates. It gives the full potential when which works with this
  processor. There are many high-profile motherboards in the market, but
  GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS XTREME with the excellent gaming performance is the
  most compatible motherboard working well with this processor.
  title: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming
  image: img/9april.jpg

He is showing his these params on its content. at
perfecttechreviews .com /motherboards /i9-9900k/

Anyone tell me, how to display param content on site. I tried with params, but it doesn’t show up properly. I want someone to discuss with me detailed about it as I am new and he’s expert and we broked up!

In my honest opinion, this is not how a file should be. This is just over-complicating simple stuff.

However, to answer this question, you can display params by {{ .Params.ParamName )), for example, {{ .Params.Author }} will return Rusam Iqbal.

but, how can i publish paragraphs param data without paragraph > in it. He is publishing like that

What I would recommend is, you should move away from using {{ .Params }} and switch to {{ .Contents }}.

You can get the nested params like this:

{{ .Params.Paragraphs.Paragraph1 }}

However, please consider not doing that. Here’s how the file should actually look:

title: ABC
slug: abc
<!-- rest of the params -->

<!-- Actual content goes here -->

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So, when you use {{ .Content }}, the paragraphs automatically render as paragraphs. No need for {{ .Params }}.