Exif failed to find exif intro marker in {{with .Exif}}

Additional comments…


1) You have duplicate front matter keys in:

  • themes/unterwegs/archetypes/
  • themes/unterwegs/archetypes/
  • content/blog/Bei Kunming erholt man sich im Dunkeln und im Hellen/

2) The site build hangs intermittently due to To fix, move content/ to the project root.

3) If you need to comment a block of code, do this:

{{ with $foo }}
  {{ . }}
{{ end }}

not this:

{{/* with $foo */}}
  {{/* . */}}
{{/* end */}}

4) Opinion: avoid spaces and capital letters in file and directory names.

Thanks for the fixes and your assesments. I’ve followed your advice and fixed all the pictures in Ayvalik, which fixed the Exif bug. Will fix the other things as well. About the spaces & upper case letter … I’ll think about it Being on a Mac, it is generally not a problem here, but of course might cause trouble elsewhere.

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